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    Roof Punctures: Causes and Preventive Measures

    Old roofing shingles on a house
    A roof puncture is an emergency roof issue since punctures expose the roof to leaks, and leaks can cause damage to your home's contents. Know what can cause punctures on the roof and how to prevent the punctures.

    Typical Causes of Roof Punctures

    Roof punctures occur due to numerous things, but the following are some of the most common.
    Foot Traffic
    You are likely to damage or puncture your roof if you constantly walk on it. Your weight can break roofing shingles or tear the roof membrane. The damage is particularly likely if those who walk on your roof don't know the delicate parts to avoid. An aging roof is also more likely to experience a puncture than a new roof.
    Tree Damage
    Roof punctures also occur when tree branches or whole trees fall on the roof. For example, a rotten tree trunk may finally give way and send the tree crashing through your roof. Another example is when a freak storm uproots trees around the house or breaks of tree branches. The heavier the broken tree branches, the greater the damage will be.
    Roof Installations
    Your roof may also suffer punctures if you install things on the roof, but don't go about the installation carefully. Installers of communication gadgets, television antennas, and rooftop HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units can easily puncture the roof.
    The damage occurs when an installer doesn't seal the area around the installations properly. The damage can also occur when the installers drill unnecessary holes on the roof and don't plug the holes properly.
    Accidental Tool Drops
    Anyone who goes up to the roof with tools and equipment risks roof damage. For example, you may drop a hammer, drill, or other tools and puncture the roof. Such accidents are common with DIY installers since they might not have suitable gear, such as tool organizers, straps, or bags, to contain the tools.
    Many types of animals enjoy rooftops, but the animals can also cause roof damage. Raccoons, squirrels, birds, and other animals may chew at weak parts of the roof or scratch the roof membrane. Roofs that have already experienced some damage are particularly susceptible to animal damage since the points of damages present weak points that the animals can exploit.
    Strong Winds
    Strong winds can cause roof punctures in more ways than one. For example, strong winds can uplift or tear off sections of the roof. Strong winds can also hurl heavy debris on the roof and cause punctures.
    A hailstorm can cause severe punctures on the roof is the storm is strong enough. The size of the hailstones, the velocity of the hailstones, the density of the hailstones, and the age of the roof are some of the factors that determine how much damage the hailstones cause.
    How to Prevent Roof Punctures
    Some causes of roof punctures, such as hailstones, are difficult to prevent. However, the following measures should help you prevent most forms of roof punctures:
    • Minimize roof traffic on the roof
    • Ensure only professional installers work on your roof
    • Maintain your roof so that animals don't find weak or damaged places to exploit
    • Trim trees around the house and remove weak trees so that they don't crash on the roof
    • Secure roof installations, such as satellite dishes, so strong winds don't rip them off
    A well-maintained roof is less likely to experience punctures than a poorly maintained roof. Schedule a maintenance session for your roof if you haven't done so in a while.
    Hopefully, the above preventive measures will help you avoid roof punctures. Econo Roofing can help you maintain your roof and reduce the risk of damage. We can also help you repair punctures that are already on your roof. Contact us today for a quote for any roofing service you need.